Thursday, October 11, 2012

Teaser post #1

 Heading to the location...feeling anticipated!!! 
Teasing you people...blueks! 

Please be wait for my next update! 
Sad to said (not that im discriminating our other race friends)
 but this restaurant is non HALAL (boooooooooo...)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Garnier Men Skin Care

Anti-Grease Brightening Moisturiser 
Grease Control Brightening Cooling Foam
#1 = to start of with, the foam came in grey colour and they called it mineral clay, when washing it on my face, i felt calm and fresh as the ingredients they used was some type of cooling called cryo-menthol. as for measurable result Garnier claims, they uses the lemon extract because lemon is wide known for its whitening goods.

#2 = Usage : Apply on wet face, gentle massage in with fingertips while avoiding the eye contour. Rinse off. suitable for daily use.

#3 = here's the moisturizer (please pardon me the amount here) its' light, easily absorb into skin and i think this moisturizer is good as it doesnt make my skin oily but it add a little shine on my face which i find quite what im looking for...radiant effortlessly? LOL

#4 = here's the result! i swear i didnt touch up and any of these photos i attached here, as you can see...visible result ever for the 1st timer!

Dear readers, whatcha waiting for? you can get the product at all leading pharmacies and shopping malls! give yourself a chance to try something new as we people loves using the term "no harm trying"!!! 

P/S: Products from Tammy.Thank you :)