Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Charles & Keith Summer 2012 Collections

One of the hottest brand in town Charles & Keith just landed magnificently with their outstanding and futuristic stage design.
Presenting their Summer 2012 outstanding themes "Tropicaland, Neo Ethnic and Urbanite collections!

(Little too much about their themes)
Tropicaland: Basically, when you see the word "tropica" you'll think of those Hawaiian dancing with lots of tropical fruits on their head.In this case, thriving green, zesty lemon yellow, jungle motifs, floral prints is what you will expected to see on this collection very much.

Neo Ethnic: When "ethnic" strike your mind, the only thing in your mind next is TRIBAL!! Which why the earthy colors like browns, neutral colors, graphic prints, multicolored snakeskin and the shapes of the designs are very much inspired by the tribe.

Urbanite: What "urban" gave you? YES! It's city life!!! 
High tech shapes, sophisticated designs, matte colors, shiny metallic suface, etc are emphasized for out-of-bound impact!

Summer 2012 Collection ( you can check the details of every piece of art pieces they designed at the store now!) 

Tammy (www.plusizekitten.com ) and Terince Poh


 Aishah Sinclair (Actress, TV personalities) attended as well :D

Esther (youresty.com) and Jynn Looi (jynnlooi.wordpress.com 

 Beautiful ladies at the event :)

The show begin....
The 10 Models

Presenting Dennis Lau! the Violinist, the actor, the songwriter...yes,he performed awesomely!!! OMG! especially when he perform "Move Like Jagger" till the guests till screams!!!

I'm very sure that everyone is very much entertained with the fabulous MC of the evening, the fantastic cat walks show, the collections that Charles & Keith presented on that evening and also the Malaysian most famous violinist.

If you missed the show, head on to your nearest Charles & Keith store and treat yourself after so many moon of waiting

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Majolica Majorca Lash King (Fulfills All Your Wishes)

(i know it sound so weird when a guy actually talking about this! blush*) 
i wasn't actually officially invited to the road show, BUT i was "invited" by my close friend Tammy (www.plusizekitten.com) there to take photos and meeting cool people!! (excited every time got invited by her)  

And...here's the LASH KING!!!
Its captivating length, the thickness and super lush, this mascara giving you a perfect satisfaction lashes. 

The LASH KING is only RM59.90
it holds up long too! you can go work, after work, then shopping, dating, partying etc 
you name it~~~you can even dance in the rain because ITS WATERPROOF!!!
This Liquid based mascara came with super long fibers (tiny mini fibers blended  inside that you might thought there's dirt covering the brush),  it actually helps in extending your lashes like Mount Everest!!(if you wants that) With one coat, your lashes will be volume_ED + fullness_ED!!! amazing right? ( i, myself tried! so i know!!!). The design of the brush that holds up the longest 5mm SUPER LONG fibers in Majolica Majorca's history! woohoo!!!

AND...with waterproof mascara, Majolica Majorca also came out with their
very own reset gel (specially for their King Lashes Mascara)

Eyes Reset Gel
(FYI: eyes reset gel is a waterproof mascara/eyeliner remover)

Check out what we did at the roadshow...

the Royal Set Up


The Poker Card. Tammy had a Joker ;p

Sheryn, Tammy and Esther

Don't pull your hairs, add few fine wrinkles on your face, don't roll or jump on the floor if you missed this event, you can still check out the mascara at leading pharmacies in 
shopping malls...

Last but not least, i would say...


Tuesday, April 17, 2012